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Elize Ryd is a Swedish vocalist, songwriter and entrepreneur. She has been active as a multi-talented performer since 2004. She is mostly known for her work with Kamelot and for being the front-woman, and a founding member of Amaranthe.

Elize’s voice can be heard on many albums, as through her collaboration with Takida, Renegade Five, Dreamstate, Smash Into Pieces and Timo Tolkki. She also competed in the Swedish Melodifestivalen in 2015

Besides going on tour with Amaranthe, she is yearly on tour with the phenomenaRaskasta Joulua.

Elize was born into a family of musicians and started to sing at a very young age. She performed in public for the first time when she was 4 years old. From the beginning it was obvious that she had a unique talent. During her childhood she was influenced by everything from Walt Disney to Heavy Metal.

At the age of 13 she attended and won a talent show in Gothenburg as the youngest participant. The first price was a record-deal, but since she hadn’t turned 15 yet she couldn’t receive the prize. But she got a scholarship for the most promising singer and a spot in a Musical called Brödupploppet,that was played 76 times at Exercishuset in Gothenburg. She received another scholarship award in year 2003 when she graduated from High School (a preliminary education for musical artists).

In 2007 Elize graduated from Performing Arts School in Gotheburg. She got the role as “Charity” in the musical Sweet Charity at Lorensbergsteatern as thesis.

And after that she got a real job as a showartist in the high-class Cabaret Lorensberg. She worked there for two years, playing 300 shows.

At the age of 16 Elize started to work extra as a backup singer in a recording studio outside of Gothenburg. She also sang in a girls group called Trinity at Volvo Trucks Event and worked 3 years with On Stage (2009-2011)where she sang and danced behind Swedish and International artist at Arenas around Sweden.

In 2003 and 2005 she put her vocals on the Swedish power metal band Falconers third and fourth album. A short while after that she met Jake from Dreamland who have heard her singing, so he asked her to record a duet with him. That was done and the song was called Fade Away

in 2006, Elize sung with Dragonland – on the album Astronomy and on the track ‘Cassiopeia’.

Elize, Olof and Jake worked together to record different material, write songs and tour as guest vocalists for Kamelot, they started to work on a project. They put out three demos on MySpace that quickly got recognition and mostly great response. This led to interest from managers and record labels. The group realized that they had created something unique together and decided to start a real band.


Amaranthe’s debute album, written by Olof, Elize and Jake, was released in April 2011. Swedish newspapers praised them as a band able to “conquer the world”. The odd and new sound, where Elize’s voice stands out for it’s pop-ish, warmth, energy and purity as a contrast to the hard riffs played by Olof  was soon acclaimed worldwide. The album Amaranthe was the 84th most played album on Spotify in the whole world, all genres. Elize along with the band received two gold records for the singles Hunger 2012 and Amaranthine 2013. Amaranthe also won price as the Breakthrough of the year in 2012 at Bandit Rock Awards. In 2013 they released their second album The Nexus, and in 2014, on the 15th of October, on Elize’s birthday, Amaranthe Released their third album Massive Addictive.

Elize have worked since 2010 as the touring backup vocalist for Kamelot. In 2012 she appeared on the album Silverthorn together with Alissa White Gluz on the song  Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife), she also appeared on the tracks ‘Veritas’ and ‘Falling like the Fahrenheit.

Elize is the main character in Timo Tolkki’s metal opera Avalon. Other parts are sung by Sharon Den Adel from Within Temptation, Russell Allen from Symphony X and Simone Simons. Elize and Timo recorded a music video for the song Enshrined in my memory in 2013.

In 2013 she sung Julen Är Här together with Tony Kakko from Sonata Artica on Raskasta Joulua’s album released by Spinefarm Records. The album sold Platinum in Finland after just a few weeks on the market. On the second album Elize sings Ave Maria together with Marco Hietala from Nightwish. They made a stunning performance Live in Finlands biggest Tv channel YLE TV 1.

On the same album she also performs a cover of  Himlen i min Famn. The album sold double platinum in Finland. Elize also attended on the third album called Ragnarock Juletide which includes all song from Raskasta Joulua album 1, but sung in English. The tour is still going on, and the biggest show so far will be performed in Hartwall Arena, the biggest Arena in Finland.

In February 2014 Elize made her debut in Swedish television as one of the competitors in the popular Tv show Så Ska Det Låta on SVT1.

Elize performed in Melodifestivalen 2015 together with Opera Singer Rickard Söderberg. Elize wrote the song One By One together with Jimmy Jansson, Sharon Vaughn and Karl-Ola Kjellholm.

In 2015 Elize becomes the face of Proactiv+ skincare program on Swedish Television SVT3 and SVT6.

In October 2016, Amaranthe released their fourth studio album ‘Maximalism’ . This took the band on tours around  North America and Europe.

Elize joined  Raskasta Joulua for some of the Christmas concerts in arenas in Finland.

2017 saw Elize tour with Amaranthe for Maximalism and also joined Gus G for some shows in Japan.

2017 will continue to see Elize and Amaranthe tour Europe and also make their first show in Brasil and also appear in Argentina with Delain and Tarja.

And the story is to be continued…..

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08.01.2018 sagtangcus:
Hanna Elise Isabell Maj Höstblomma Ryd (born 15 October 1984), known professionally as Elize Ryd, is a Swedish singer-songwriter, dancer, composer, and show artist, best known as one of the three vocalists in the melodic metalcore/power metal band Amaranthe.

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Добро пожаловать в фан группу Вконтакте, посвященную Elize Ryd! Группа существует при поддержке Элиз и ее менеджера Каролины.

10.01.2018 Надежда:
Elize Ryd биография. Имя: Elise Ryd. Дата рождения: 15 октября 1984 (32 года).В детстве на Elize влияло все, начиная от оперы и мультфильмов Disney до Hard Rock и Heavy Metal.

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В новом интервью австралийскому изданию The AU Review вокалистка шведской мелодик-метал-команды Amaranthe Элиз Рид рассказала о плюсах и минусах в жизни единственной девушки в.

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Также стоит упомянуть, что вокалистка Amaranthe Элиз Рид принимала участие в европейском турне Kamelot летом 2010 года.

02.01.2018 Аникей:
Elize was born into a family of musicians and started to sing at a very young age. She performed in public for the first time when she was 4 years old.