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BornNalla Nitin Reddy
30 March 1983 (age 26)
Hyderabad, India

Nitin Reddy (born 30 March 1983 in Hyderabad), is a Tollywood & Bollywood film actor. His father N. Sudhakar Reddy is a popular film distributor and a producer in Nizam area. He acted in hit films like Jayam, Dil, and Sye.[1]

Early life

Nitin was born in Hyderabad to film distributor Mr.Sudhakar Reddy.His family members include parents, sister, brother-in-law and niece Aadya. He was fond of movies from early age and used to watch all films on first day. He dropped out of college when he got offer to do Jayam movie and he never had a chance to go back.


In 2002 Nitin started his career with the sensational hit Jayam With his boyish looks and tender expressions he stole the hearts of the audience.Jayam went on collecting 25-30 crores at boxoffice and remained one of the most successful movies in tollywood.

In 2003, his career got a bigger boost with a hit film Dil directed by V.V. Vinayakand produced by Dil Raju. Later in 2003, Nitin delivered his first ever flop, Sambaram. Sambaram, directed by Dasarath was a movie with heavy emotions but lacking entertainment.

In 2004, Nitin starred in Sri Anjaneyam, which was another disaster for Nitin and director Krishna Vamsi.The formula of Devotion and exposing did not go well with audience. He got on track with S.S. Rajamouli's Sye which is released the same year. He attracted audiences with his new hot look in the film Sye. His mannerisms and acting in the movie was the epitome of a college hottie who was also a jock. His bad boy charm and his good hearted nature made him an instant heart throb amongst the female audiences. The ending of Sye was simply marvelous and his part in the end made him all the more attractive. Most say that their favorite film of Nitin is Sye for his simple charm and sexy looks.

Nitin's bad time started in the year 2005 after the release of the film Allari Bullodu. Despite of having Trisha, K. Raghavendra Rao on team and sensational music the movie failed because of the old style of taking by KRR. In the same year he delivered another flop Dhairyam directed by Teja.Aatadista, Victory, Drona were below average. And Takkari is average. His films (Dhairyam, Allari Bullodu, Raam, Hero) did expecr to expectations even though some were directed by experienced film makers. His film Victory, despite Nitin's newly acquired six-pack for this film. He also got to work with his costar from Sye Shashank in Victory. His next upcoming film will be Satyam Shivam Sundaram earlier with Meera Chopra took such along time due to the conflicts happening between meera chopra and producers and finally releasing this December. His latest telugu movie Rechipo, starring Nitin, Ileana did not show any impact on box office.

In 2009 his first Bollywood movie Agyaat which is a Ram Gopal Varma film, was released and had mixed responses at the box office. The audience did not appreciate the ending of the movie and the film did not do well. Nitin claimed in an interview that he had given his best performance in this movie. Agyaat was dubbed into telugu as Adavi.

Nitin's new movie "Sitaramula Kalyanam" with Hansika in the direction of Eeshwar Reddy is currently under progress.[2]


  1. Jayam 2002 (Super Hit)
  2. Dil 2003 (Super Hit)
  3. Sambaram 2003(Flop)
  4. Sye 2004 (Super Hit)
  5. Sri Anjaneyam 2004 (hit)
  6. Allari Bullodu 2005 ( Flop)
  7. Dhairyam 2005 (avg)
  8. Raam 2006 (avg)
  9. Takkari 2007 (avg)
  10. Aatadista 2008 (hit)
  11. Victory 2008 (avg)
  12. Hero 2008 (Flop)
  13. Drona 2009 (hit)
  14. Adavi/Agyaat 2009 (hit)
  15. Rechipo 2009 (hit)
  16. Maaro(soon)
  17. Seetharamula Kalyanam, lankalo (Releasing for Sankranthi 2010)
  18. Agyaat 2 (releasing in 2010)
  19. Jayam 2 (releasing in 2011)


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